About Zahoranski Wealth Management

Zahoranski Wealth was founded by Stacey Zahoranski in 2013, with the vision to guide and empower clients so they may experience and live the best version of their life possible. In working with Zahoranski Wealth, a client experience provides peace of mind and a trusted confidant who is always only a phone call away. Stacey and her team have dedicated themselves to helping clients create and implement a sound investment plan – a life plan – that helps them achieve and maintain financial security for themselves and their family for generations to come. We work with each client to design a holistic plan, uniquely tailored to their specific needs and life goals, including, but not limited to, investment planning, retirement planning, life and long-term health care insurance, and estate investment planning.

Working with Our Team of Professionals

Zahoranski Wealth provides custom-tailored, actively-managed portfolios backed by many of the best investment managers and think-tank professionals in the country. We work with you to ensure you are invested in a portfolio that aligns with your values and meets your specific needs based around your personal life and financial goals, tolerance for risk, desire for growth, and individual tax situation.

Wealth Coaching Programs

We offer Wealth Coaching Programs designed and customized for your specific needs.

Our wealth coaching services include, but are not limited to:

  • Generational wealth coaching services for clients’ young adult children so they may learn how to handle money and understand what it means to be a good steward of their finances.
  • Coaching our clients’ family members as a pre-cursor to receiving an inheritance so they may be financially educated prior to receiving a financial gift (often referred to as Legacy Coaching).
  • Wealth and financial coaching program for married couples who desire guidance on how to set themselves and their marriage up for financial success.
  • Women/Men in Transition wealth coaching, custom tailored for those going through a major life event such as widowhood, divorce, or the loss of a parent(s), triggering a transfer of wealth and the need for education and guidance during the unexpected transition and beyond.

We are passionate about educating our clients on how to become financially empowered no matter what stage of life they may find themselves in!

How We Charge for Services Provided

Zahoranski Wealth is an all-inclusive, fee-based firm. For investment management clients, we charge a transparent, reasonable fee, based on your assets under our management and include the holistic services mentioned above, as well as a best-in-class technology client log-in portal –  truly an all-inclusive financial services package customized for your needs! 

For clients who are unable to invest their assets directly with Zahoranski Wealth, we set ourselves apart from other financial advisory and brokerage firms by offering a unique way to work together, without the requirement of investing assets directly under our management. Even if your investment assets are held captive inside an employer retirement program, we work directly with you to create a financial/retirement plan and build a strong working relationship for a flat annual or quarterly fee. Contact us today to explore your options so that we can begin working together on a personalized financial advisory relationship!

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