Weekly Investment Update: August 14, 2023

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Key Events: Downgrade: USA ✔️ Banks ✔️ Consumer ⚪

Following the downgrade of the USA to AA+, from AAA, Moody’s downgraded 10 banks and promised more.

China’s recovery appeared to stall as consumer prices slipped into deflation. Analysts say Chinese regulators have attempted to limit negative economic reporting.

Atlanta is bracing for chaos as a fourth indictment of Donald Trump is set to be unveiled.

Market Review: An edgy earnings season

Stocks’ reaction to the current earnings season reflected an edgy market; companies that beat estimates were rewarded less than normal while companies that missed were punished more than average.[1]

Both stocks and bonds were down slightly during a quiet summer week. Growth lost more money than value, and small caps fell more than large stocks.

Outlook: Checking in with the consumer

We have talked about three primary areas of concern:

  1. Bank lending standards while companies are asking for fewer loans.[2]
  2. Leading economic indicators are consistent with recessionary periods.[3]
  3. Leading economic indicators are consistent with recessionary periods.[4]

This week we’ll touch the ominous sign visible in the mortgage market. As can be seen below, average mortgage payments for new mortgages are more than 70% higher – $2,600 vs $1,500 per month – than in the months emerging from the pandemic. This is likely to put pressure on the consumer and the economy as a whole.

OneAscent portfolios remain fully invested in a broadly diversified portfolio, in areas where we find attractive value despite the clouds on the horizon.

Foreshadowing a weaker consumer[5]

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Navigator Outlook: August 2023

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